Born in the Bronx, New York City, Rolon is destined for artistic greatness. He begins fashioning clothes in high school, professionally donning them throughout New York City nightlife. In 1994 famed stylist/designer Patricia Fields snatches up the FIT-trained merchandiser and mentors him for her budding empire. The force to be reckoned with takes the ball and runs: to London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, LA, Vegas, all the while styling House of Fields in magnificent theatre of the avant-garde. A star is born. Now Miami wants Joey, and he answers the call. In 2000 Rolon launches Funky Sexy on Lincoln Road followed by Funky Sexy Couture on Washington Avenue in 2009. Artists and performers discover the creative oasis, and the word is out. Joey delivers. Drake, Pit Bull, Gaga, Elton John, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Broadway, Vogue -- they all sing praises of Joey Rolon. In his domain, vision aligns with purpose; creativity with integrity; genius with ease. 

* 2018 update: Joey Rolon designs the 25th anniversary collection for Adore / Allure Lingerie.  The collection sells out in record time at market week in spring and ongoing design projects are continued with beautiful lingerie collections that are high fashion....

In 1996, following an impromptu emcee performance at New York’s famed Cafe con Leche, AV8 Records signs Rolon. His first record, It’s Over, reaches #1 on the Billboard Charts. The following year, BMG releases A Night at Cafe con Leche and Rolon embarks on a 20-city tour, fueling the Latin House Music movement across the globe.

Rolon’s “most captivating voice” and house beats, kept fresh by today’s DJ’s, continue to delight audiences as they let go on the dance floor.

At the helm of a full force production team, Joey Rolon is a talent magnet, an intuitive collaborator and a great leader. From make-up artists and hair stylists to clothing and accessory designers; from set technicians to musical guests, from artistic directors to pages, from them to you -- you, the visionary; you, the audience; you, the investor; you have a voice and Joey hears you. Recognizing and utilizing the gifts of those about him, Joey Rolon delivers an artistic vision that everyone can share. 

Funky Sexy Couture

His own designs deriving from when he started in South Beach on Lincoln Road as well as the Higher End Couture line called Joey Rolon Signature.
It is a wearable art gallery, a personal and professional dressing room; a place where celebrities can feel like people and where people are celebrated. 

Through his boutique, Tony-nominated Joey Rolon grants access to looks and textures that are as varied as the theatrical worlds created by them. From ethereal to material, Rolon works deep in the imaginative process, collaborating with his team to discover the vision that binds them, delivering a product that exceeds expectations, honors deadlines and asks, “What now?” Military Punks, Dancing Divas, Swarovsky Stilettos, Neon Graffiti Bodysuits, Period Wigs, LED Collections -- nothing is off limits, except second best.